About Us

         Wlaminca Fitness was founded to provide personal fitness coaching along side with nutritional coaching. Whether it's at our home location in Miami Beach, FL or online through our coaching platforms, we strive for excellent customer service to all our clients.
Our top priority is safety. So our trainers are trained to eliminate any risk of injuries. Consider yourself lucky if you have gotten this far in your life without any injuries. That brings us to our second priority which is fixing posture, imbalances, low ROM ( Range Of Motion ), and any pain caused by a previous injury or surgery through functional training, unconventional training, and strength training. For this we like to use kettlebells & bodyweight techniques which is why we manufacture our own line of kettlebells.
Addressing those foundational pillars will set you up for success on any of your fitness goals. Whether its to compete, lose fat, gain muscle, gain strength or just live a healthier lifestyle without risking any injuries, The Wlaminca Fitness team has you covered.